Thanks For Coming! Eastleigh Unwrapped will return June 2018

  1. Batala Portsmouth
  2. Dancers Jumping in the Flash Mob
  3. Flash Mob dancers in front of Eastleigh Park Bandstand
  4. Unwrapped Festival Flash Mob
  5. Point Youth Dance Company at Unwrapped 2017
  6. Hampshire Youth Dance Company performing at Eastleigh Unwrapped Festival
  7. Scooter rider Backflipping in Eastleigh Park
  8. Mark Webb flying no hands in Eastleigh Park
  9. A crowd watch Pif Paf's Seed at Unwrapped 2017
  10. Watch out for the giant slug!
  11. Retrospectif and Cedya Tanc Dance perform at Eastleigh Unwrapped 2017
  12. Motionhouse perform captive at Eastleigh Unwrapped Festival
Thank you for being part of another incredible audience at Eastleigh Unwrapped Festival 2017.
The sun made a very welcome appearance and the town felt alive with hundreds of people taking to the streets, enjoying the sights and sounds of the festival. Batala Portsmouth started the festival with a bang, drumming through the park and kicking off our Point dance companies flash mob. It was fantastic to see the Eastleigh community, children, adults, parents and even grandparents rocking out in the flash mob dance!

Did you catch world champion BMX rider Mark Webb and Team Extreme back flipping in Eastleigh Park? How about the enormous evil slug which threatened to destroy Pif Paf’s Seed? Or Lori Hopkins’ The Explorer parachuting down through the trees?  Perhaps you got caught up in the hilarious love story of Glass House's US, or the incredible fusion of dance, acrobatics and aerial work inside Motionhouse's Captive?
Let us know what your highlights were on social media with #EastleighUnwrapped.

Next year’s festival will take place again in June 2018.
​Watch this space for the date and we hope to see you there!
- Vicki Hargreaves (Festival Director 2017)