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Saturday 23rd June, 11.30am - 5.30pm

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Sur Mesure: Fillage
circus & music
By the sea is where you find it; only you know what you seek.

Fillage by Sur Mesure is a spectacle where interaction between circus and music is the key. A combination of trampoline, acrobatics and juggling is composed to live music creating a living artwork that triggers the imagination.

Musician and acrobats share the stage, creating shared focal points for both music and circus. Eight people take a leap into the unknown, meeting each other on the edge of their creativity and helping each other to find happiness.

Performing at: 1pm & 4.30pm

Running time: 60 Minutes
Company website: Sur Mesure
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Yellow Zone​​
Highly Sprung: Urban Astronaut
physical theatre
Urban Astronaut provides a glimpse of a future that might be… where problems surrounding air pollution have grown to crisis point, is there any way back? What can the Urban Astronaut learn from audiences now that might change his future?

Combining stunning design, unseen before aerial performance (using a unique travelling flying machine that suspends the performer 20ft in the air) with simple story telling and moving dance performance, Urban Astronaut travels through towns and cities
searching for a solution to the environmental disaster that is present in our near future.

The answer is found in a simple encounter with a young girl who provides the one thing the astronaut has lost… hope.

Performing at: 12.15pm & 4pm
Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website:  Highly Sprung

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Red Zone

Please note this is a promenade piece - it will begin in the Red Zone and the audience are invited to follow the action across the park.

Patfield & Triguero: Gibbon
A poetic celebration of self-awareness and human behaviour, with a sense of humour and a hint of absurdity.

Deconstructing the notion of masculinity in a dialogue with the viewer, Gibbon takes inspiration from the work of dance companies like Mangrove, DV8 and also Gandini Juggling and aims to innovate, choreographically and conceptually, by mixing different art forms with juggling, exploring the ideas through a subconscious and visceral approach and using movement and devised theatre tools to create a surreal and touching atmosphere. 
Performing at: 1.15pm & 2.15pm
Running time: 20 Minutes
Company website:  Gandini Juggling

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Red Zone
Point Dance Showcase
​​A highlight of every festival year, we're thrilled to present The Point Dance Companies as they showcase repertoire they've been working on throughout the year. Featuring pieces by Point Youth Dance Company, Retrospectif, Orb Male Dance Company, Hampshire Youth Dance Company and Next Step, this is certainly an event not to missed!
Performing at:  3.15pm
Running time: 45 Minutes
Company website:  The Point

Red Zone
Greville Matthews: The Stupendous Crapini & The Stupendous Crapini Strikes Again! 
comedy magic
The Stupendous Crapini magician extraordinaire will dazzle you with his fancy footwork and breathtaking acts of
magical idiocy!

The Stupendous Crapini Strikes Again!

The magician extraordinaire is back again for more astonishing mayhem!

Will it go smoothly this time? Paul Daniels, David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy have got nothing on him! (Well,apart from talent and skill...)

Performing at: 11.45am, 12.45pm, 2.00pm
& 3.00pm
Running time: 10 Minutes
Company website:  Greville Matthews

Red Zone
Glass House Dance: Time Machine Disco
Time Machine Disco: A Century-Hoppin’ Dance Extravaganza for the street.

What the funk has happened? Why are people not shaking their thang? Dr Spin has decided that people have lost their way and it is his mission with his trusty assistants, the Sisters of Stylus to take people on a journey through dance and time to find their groove.

Glass House Dance invite you to join them on a clubbing journey through the ages. Calling all foot-tappers, dad dancers, disco divas, jumping jivers, old school ravers & shake-your-money-makers. Join the party, step back in time and save the future of dance!

Performing at: 11.30am & 3.45pm

Running time: 60 Minutes
Company website:   Glass House Dance

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Purple Zone​​
Handmade Theatre: Too Many Cooks
children's theatre
Too Many Cook s is a sizzlingly sumptuous show jam packed with tasty tunes, popping puppets and a lot of silly sausages!

Part walkabout and part theatre show, this culinary delight will get your taste buds going. Suitable for Children and their families, aged 0-100.

Too Many Cook s from Hand Made Theatre explores the recent boom in food inspired TV shows, festivals and artisan culture of anything from coffee to sausages! The team will be bring many characters to life through stories and puppetry and a lot of explosive silliness!
Performing at: 12.30pm, 2.45pm & 4pm
Running time: 25 Minutes
Company website: Handmade Theatre
Lime Zone​​
Street to The Point
street theatre
​​ ​​Returning with their unique and innovative style, Street to the Point bring a selection of newly crafted roaming, interactive pieces to keep you entertained throughout the day. 
This year you can expect to see Strolling: a roaming piece of imitation theatre, often vividly remembered by audiences; The 9-5 a piece that comments on the working day of an office employee, striving to make their lunch break a little more exciting; Werewolves another newly devised roaming piece which will see the company as werewolf campaigners hoping to find members of the public to support their idea for a specialised ‘Wolf Shelter’; and Tied a piece shedding light on how homelessness affects many people in the UK and all around the world.
Performing at: 1.30pm & 3.30pm
Running time: 30 Minutes
Company website:  Street to the Point

Lime Zone​​
Ragroof Players: Happy Feet
100 years of dance crazes in 100 minutes!

Everyone’s part of the action as the crowd is whizzed through a dazzling dance-off led by the Ragroof team of Fabulous Flappers, Disco Divas, and Latino Groovers. Starting with cheeky Charleston, moving through Lindy Hop, Big Band Swing, and Mambo; then without missing a beat, on to Rock and Roll Stroll, the Twist, Macarena, Uptown Funk and more… 

Happy Feet brings hundreds of people together in one big snowballing Soul Train, all grooving along to a fabulous selection of dance tunes from Hokey Cokey to Gangnam Style, via Saturday Night Fever & Macarena. 

No dance experience needed, no partner needed!
Performing at: 1.30pm
Running time: 90 Minutes
Company website: Ragroof Players
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Navy Zone​​​​
Junk Jam Workshop
music workshop
Come along and make a noise with pots, pans, bins and tin cans in our Junk Jam!

This fun, interactive musical workshop takes old rubbish and every day items, transforming them into instruments - and in turn transforming you into musicians!
Performing at: 3.45pm​
Running time: 30 Minutes

Green Zone
Tin Shed Theatre: Le Flea (Du Cirque)
theatre / circus
Performing at: 12.30pm, 2.15pm & 4pm

Running time:  60 Minutes
Company website:  Tin Shed Theatre
Bonjour, guttentag & welcome to the greatest worst show on earth!
Of all the circuses, in all the world, you just so happened to  squeeze yourself into ours; the world's only human flea circus!
Now join us for a ram packed hour of mayhem  and entertainment at which you can boo, laugh and cheer as Tin Shed Theatre Co present their finest DISASTERPIECE!
 Our tent may be small, but it is mighty!
So, bring your family, bring your friends, bring your dog, your wig, your Aunty Shelia and Bruce from work, as we open the doors of Le Flea (Du Cirque) and invite you in!

Pink Zone
A Bird in the Hand: Bewonderment Machine
children's theatre
​​The Bewonderment Machine is a cycle-powered carousel, offering a magical journey for small children.​​

Visually, this is a quirky dreamscape, combining found objects, puppetry, machinery and music. With riding space for up to 10, this is also a miniature theatrical flight of the imagination, empowering the very young to care, to be curious and to believe in their own strength.

The Bewonderment Machine is a joyful call to re-wild our imaginations, and a celebration of the creatures that are increasingly losing their familiar place in our children’s lives and in their language.
Performing between: 12.30pm, 2.30pm & 4.30pm 
Running time: 45 Minutes
Company website:  A Bird in the Hand

White Zone​
A Bird in the Hand: Special Delivery
Special Delivery is a simple story about the delights of trying something unexpected.

When a heavily laden postman is suddenly surprised by a rain shower he discovers that all his packages have lost their labels. In the process of trying to work out the intended recipients, he discovers a bit more about the people on his rounds - and decides to bring a little sunshine into all of their lives.

Special Delivery is a sweet and gentle show without words that appeals to both adults and children, blending beautiful puppetry with a good dollop of silliness.
Performing at: 11.45am, 3pm & 4.30pm
Running time: 20 Minutes
Company website: A Bird in the Hand

Copperdollar: La Voyage of Sybille
Prepare to be amazed!

‘The Voyage of La Sibylle’ is a promenade piece, a roaming illusion and art installation on wheels with storytelling, magic and clowning at the heart of it.

A comical and magical illusion, the show gives the audience a chance to interact with two peculiar carny folk who have stepped out of the 1930’s and are wondering around in the 21st Century. Their enormous pile of suitcases open to reveal the stories behind their magical journey.
Performing at: 1.15pm & 3.30pm
Running time: 45 Minutes 
Company website: Copperdollar

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Top Banana Circus
Join Top Banana Circus and try a whole variety of circus skills.
Learn juggling, diabolo, flower-sticks, plate spinning, poi, hula-hoop, and test your balance on the tightwire, stilts or walking globe. The Top Banana Assistants will be on hand to get you started, demonstrate equipment and help you learn something new.
Performing at: 1pm - 4.15pm
Running time: 3 hours 15 Minutes
Company website: Top Banana Circus

Orange Zone
Circus Trick Tease: Children Are Stinky
circus/family theatre
New for 2018, join us inside The Point main auditorium for this hilarous show for all the family.
Fresh from a smash hit, award-winning, 5 star, SELL OUT season at the Edinburgh Fringe, Children are Stinky is a show not to be missed. Set in the 90's, be prepared to be astounded by this talented duo's incredible circus skills and brilliant comedy.

Packed with lots of fun, lightning fast hula hooping, dare-devil balances, astounding strength, incredible acrobatics and loads of comedy, Children are Stinky will have both adults and kids awe-struck, wanting to see more.

Tickets: £9 / £7 children /
Special Family Offers Apply 
Performing at: 11am & 3pm
Running time: 50 Minutes
Company website:  Circus Trick Tease

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